How to leverage Mobile app development outsourcing to benefit you the most?

Mobile app development outsourcing is the most optimal way for non-tech businesses to solve their mobile software needs

Benefits of outsourcing mobile development over in-house development

The benefits of software outsourcing per se are spoken quite a bit about and have long become known and plain to see. In a nutshell, a business with software development needs located in an expensive geography (like, for instance, Western Europe, North America, or the Middle East) engages an IT outfit in a less expensive geography to develop the software they need in whole or in part.

The company that resorts to this kind of application development typically reaps a host of major benefits. These benefits include an up to 40–50% reduction in the development costs and a faster time-to-market due to the shorter recruitment cycles and time differences that often allow the project to be implemented round-the-clock. Outsourcing of application development is also associated with a much smaller amount of recruitment hassle and related costs, if any, as compared with regular IT-related recruitment. Besides, with application development outsourcing there is no need for you to increase the workload on your HRs who may also lack the expertise to source and screen mobile development experts.

As you will have probably known, all these benefits apply in the case of mobile app outsourcing too. Just like with other application development outsourcing, they alone are reason enough to consider this option.

But are there any other, less known noteworthy benefits or ones specific to mobile development outsourcing?

Let’s see:

  1. Mobile application development is most frequently associated with relatively short-term projects and niche apps. For example, If you run a trucking business and need an app to stay in touch with your drivers and keep tabs on their movements, a multi-user enterprise-grade system with oodles of intricate functionality is not what you require or have in mind. You need a more simple app with a smaller amount of functionality. It is a lot more preferable to outsource the relatively small amount of app development you need than master the required expertise in-house or find and employ the mobile app developers who will know they are onboard your company only for a relatively short spell.
  2. With mobile app outsourcing, a smaller budget will suffice. Furthermore, you will have better means to manage and control this budget as this will be more difficult to do without sufficient knowledge of mobile application development.
  3. Outsourcing the development of your mobile app allows you to retain your operational efficiency in full for the duration of your mobile project. Your employees won’t have to be diverted to get a handle on skills they will later forget. They won’t have to be compelled to perform tasks they are unlikely to ever excel at.
  4. Even if you manage to land really good mobile app developers for your in-house team the result will very much likely be rather mediocre, as compared with mobile app development outsourcing.

Mobile software development outsouring providers accumulate a great deal of expertise from numerous outsourced projects. Some of these projects can share a lot of similarities with your one or, at least, originate from your industry. This kind of expertise can immensely improve the mobile app you need developed. For example, we at SPD Group have quite a bit of experience with booking mobile software for the Entertainment industry, including sophisticated AR functionality. It’s hard to imagine a mobile application development team without this kind of experience to be more efficient than us in developing such apps.

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Technology Partner for Innovative Companies. Research, technology consulting and software development services —