Increase the Productivity of a Financial Services Leader

Learn how a leader in the financial services industry joined forces with SPD Group to introduce a Web Crawler, a Data Collection Tool, and a brand-new design for its website.


We joined forces with an American financial services company with nearly 7,000 employees that has been empowering investor success since 1984, a major player in the asset management industry and as of March 31 manages over $200 billion with $1 billion in revenue. The three main regions of operation are the United States of America, China, and India.

Core values:

  • Investors First
  • Great Products
  • Great People
  • Uncompromising Ethics
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Financial Success

This company serves investors, from a single person to a big corporation, with information on companies in order to help evaluate the investment potential. To present the latest complete information and forecasts to their clients, the financial services company collects financial updates by leveraging web crawlers and private sources, and after that analyzes and draws its own conclusions.

Today it is a giant corporation that grew by acquiring and merging with smaller companies. Every acquired sub-company works independently and represents slightly different directions called “business lines.” Our teams helped with three separate business lines: Web Crawler, Data Collection, and Website Redesign.

The financial services company needed help with data integration and our teams stepped in to take over this goal. For almost a year, a team of six experts worked on this integration project — which was successfully implemented. Then, we moved on to cover other business objectives connected to financial services software development.

Business Goal

The financial services company needed to get more accurate financial information for their clients. We helped them with this global mission by developing the following projects:

  • Web Crawler — is an investment research software that is able to collect information from websites. This additional source of data would improve overall awareness of investment information for the financial services company. Business Analysts would later process the collected data and draw conclusions from it.
  • Data Collection — this project was about gathering information on the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of companies. The financial services company needed an application that was able to quickly gather and process certain financial data as well as provide an analysis.
  • Website Redesign — the website needed a complete redesign and additional features from their modern products.

Technical Challenges

  • Web crawling is a complex process with a lot of tiny nuances such as the different designs of websites, various types of data sources, and the interaction between separate data sources on a single website. There was also a challenge in the development process because some front-end infrastructure and testing goals were set, but we only had Back-end Engineers.
  • Data Collection challenges include the limited size of the team, strict deadlines, and the team had not performed this precise work in the past.
  • It was required to work with AWS
  • Our team was restricted to use only VueJS and Angular, and we couldn’t leverage our React expertise in this case

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